Israel tests CH-53 safety enhancement

The Israeli air force is to upgrade the automatic hovering system installed in its Sikorsky CH-53 “Yasur” transport helicopters within the coming months, following successful initial tests performed by its flight-test centre.

Test pilots at the centre report that the new equipment, which is based on the DRS-developed altitude hold and hover stabilisation (AHHS) system, is easy to operate and “helps to perform the missions”, by providing a more stable hover.


israeli air for ch-53 carmel horowitz/israeli defence ministry

 Carmel Horowitz/Israeli defence ministry  

Activated by one button push, AHHS provides hands-free cyclic and collective control for cruise and low-altitude hover operations, as well as during automatic landing, precision hover and drift control. It enables pilots to operate safely in challenging conditions, such as brown-out or white-out, over-water operations and in tight landing zones.

The new equipment is integrated with the aircraft’s existing flight control systems and data bus architecture.


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